Priscilla & Riccardo
Love is also a shared path in a common project

Our purpose?

We are sure that with you, we can be the best.
We want to be known and recognized, keep improving and learning to understand and interprete your tastes, your needs and your expectations.

Being different does not mean to get noticed, but to be remembered. And to be remembered, we must to be unique.
The quality of an event is not related to its dimensions, but to its intensity. An exploision of tastes, a raimbow of colors, an endless concert of sounds, an amazing chaos of faces and voices, of people that together create the incredible scenario of your wedding.

You want to throw a party?

A good party starts from your guests, who needs to feel at ease. And your guests will feel at ease if you trust us.

wedding planner

and music


Renting of carriages,
buses and autos
for your guests

Catering and
banqueting services

Location research:
villas, castles,
historical sites
and country farms.

Flower service
and entertainment

Themes consultancy:
invitation letters,
party favors

Special services
on yachts and
sailing ships



  • Marketing and communication events (press conferences, open days, commercial events, entertainment events, fairs)
  • Events for specific targets (conferences, congresses, workshops, education visits)
  • Events for economical and financial communication (roadshows, presentations)
  • Events for internal communcations (conventions, incentives, parties)
  • Institutional events (anniversaries, institutional sponsorization events)
  • Charity events


  • Graduation parties
  • Christening parties
  • Baby showers
  • Communions parties
  • 18th birthday parties
  • Theme parties
  • Cocktail parties
  • Retiring parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Children and youngsters parties
  • Bachelor and Bachelerotte parties

Priscilla takes care of: project study, event coordination, location search, rentals, parties' structures, customized sets, audio and video services, lighting, additional workers, hostess services.

location and styling

The location is the base for an event's success

it has to mirror its personality and theme.


Priscilla creates, according to the client's taste, customized and innovative sets, that will impress with scenographies, lights, colors and perfumes. Priscilla takes care of the equipment and furniture rentals, for any sort of event.
Mediterrenean, ligurian, tuscan, ethnical, vegetarian, vegan and bio- friendly types of cuisines are available.


We are very lucky to be located in a strategic position, at the center of a series of beautiful scenaries. On one side, Lunigiana and Garfagnana, lands of medieval castles. On the other side, the Golfo dei Poeti (Poets' gulf) with La Spezia and the amazing Cinque Terre, just a few minutes far from us: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Monterosso could be the suggestive witnesses of your wedding.
And then from Lerici to Levanto, we can set your cerimony up in any of your favorite location.


We can offer you a selection of the best wines produced all over Italy, with the possibility to have a certified sommelier at your service.


What do you need?

Afternoon tea or tea breaks: to be entertained between lunch and dinner with gourmet products.
Apericena: a variety of dishes that can happily substitute a classic dinner.
Cocktails: friendly get together before dinner.
Banqueting: the preparation, organization and set up of the food service.
Buffet: the ideal service for meetings and convetions but also for private parties and cerimonies. It is a service that include high tables and no sittings, so that guests can enjoy free movement around.
Catering: it involves food served in a location that differs from the one it was prepared at.
Cocktail party: a get together for special occasions (e.g. birthday parties). It is a simple and fun event.
Coffee break: a break during conferences or meetings. It is usually a buffet service.
Gala dinner: a special dinner for important events.


Bio: it is based on biologically produces product, cooked in a healthy way.
Vegan: it completely excludes the use of animal and its derivates' products.
Vegetarian: it allows the use of animal derivates' products.
Finger food: it can be eaten with one's hands. Its set up intrigues the eyes, the touch, the smell and the emotional senses.

our offers

Choose the formula you like the most for your event.

finger food

buffet with
tables and

buffet with
high tables

buffet with

waiters serving
on trays


waiters serving
at the tables

fast menus

creative ideas
according to
the events' moods

in customizing

our partners

We are happy to have served...

the most prestigious companies and institutions of our territory. A lot of receptions, openings and events have been organized by us in the past years.


Come visit us!

Priscilla Eventi & Ricevimenti
Legal address:
Via Del Teatro, 10 - 19121
La Spezia (SP)
Operations' address:
Via Caduti Del Lavoro, 37 - 19021 Arcola (SP)
Tel: +39 349 6075180

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